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Planting Food Plots
Planting Food Plots

Shed Horns
Weekend Shed Horn Hunt

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Imagine what it would be like to get paid for hunting? For scouting? For planting food plots? For searching for shed antlers? This lifestyle is not out of reach. This is no joke -- this is reality!

The training at Elite Guide School will consist of a one month stay at our beautiful lodge ten miles South of Sheridan, Wyoming. We will cover your room and food for the month. We will provide instruction 5 or 6 days each week. There is no special equipment or text books required -- just show up ready to learn. The instruction is mostly hands on. This training is not like school. What we teach is interesting! What we teach is fun! What we teach is stuff you will want to do! It is information you will want to learn! Your month with us will be a lot like a vacation.

The subjects we will cover relate to deer primarily, but we will also touch on elk, antelope, turkey, coyote, upland birds, fish, and other miscellaneous game species. We will teach you to field judge game (both antler and age), score antlers and horns, use optics, and control predators. We will teach you how to take and develop your own high quality photographs. We will teach you about Quality Deer Management, which relates to all species, not just deer, and includes instruction on herd management and habitat management.

Once you understand Quality Deer Management as relates to deer and learn the skills to guide deer hunters, all you need is a little fine tuning and some limited specie specific information to be able to use that knowledge and skill to guide for all the game out there. We will use the bulk of your time with us to teach you how to be a guide and to teach you skills that relate to deer hunting, and with just a few days of instruction and comments along the way, we can show you what you need to know about guiding for other species like turkey, elk, antelope, predators and game birds.

At Elite Guide School, we will teach you things that you will benefit from the rest of your hunting career, EVEN IF you decide not to become a full time guide! We will teach you to become a better bow hunter. We will teach you to become a better marksman. We will teach you game calling tricks for whitetails, mule deer, antelope, elk, turkey, and predators. We will teach you all about tree stands and ground blinds, and how to successfully set them up how and where they will produce results. We will teach you to read sign. We will teach you how to trail wounded game and up your recovery percentage exponentially. We will show you how to become a better overall woodsman!

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