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Sharptail Grouse

Sharptail Grouse Dance

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At Elite Guide School, we will teach you all you need to know, plus more! If you do reasonably well in the training, we will GUARANTEE you job placement -- yes, we will find you a job! You are not throwing good money after bad here. You are investing in your FUTURE, in your DREAM!

This is no one week seminar -- that is not enough time to learn what you need to know to be a valuable asset in the hunting industry. We take the time to cover in-depth a great many topics at Elite Guide School so that you will be a well rounded and skilled guide sought after by the industry.

Because we have so much information that would benefit you and your future as an Elite Guide, we recommend the four week course at a cost of $ 3,950.00. But, if time or money is short, we offer a basic course of two weeks at a cost of $ 2,500.00. All courses at Elite Guide School include food and lodging at our beautiful lodge and all materials necessary for the training. This is a small investment for something that GUARANTEES SUCH HUGE RETURNS!

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