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Elite Guide School Professional Training – Whitetail Deer Focus
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Our staff at Elite Guide School are all experienced trophy hunters and guides with years and years of in-field, on-the-ground knowledge obtained the hard way. We are prepared to offer you the fruits of that labor the easy way! Our staff has taken Boone and Crockett game, we have taken Pope and Young game, we have taken Safari Club International qualifiers -- we have the mounts to prove it and you will see them when you get here!

Mule Deer
Mule Deer
Wyoming Elk
A lot of guys talk about it. A lot of guys write about it. We have done it. Few people out there have personally harvested and guided sportsmen to more game than our staff. We have not just shot it ourselves and we have not just guided clients to it -- we have done both. We have developed basic hunting skills, and have added guiding skills to those base skills. A lot of guys just run a business without much knowledge of the hunt itself -- that is not us. Few have been in the field as much as us or have covered as much country as we have. We have not just hunted a couple of States or a couple of species. We have earned the knowledge we are willing to give to you.


A Good Day Hunting
Good Day Hunting
(Note freshly planted food plots in the background)

Beisher Coues
Mexico Coues Deer
Michael Hanback Whitetail
Michael Hanback Whitetail
Herb With Montana Mule Deer
Montana Mule Deer
Herb With Wyoming Mule Deer
Wyoming Mule Deer
Archery Whitetail
Archery Whitetail Featured by Mossy Oak

Beisher With Kansas Whitetail
Kansas Whitetail

Beisher With B&C Antelope
Boone & Crockett Antelope

Beisher at Michigan Sanctuary Preserve
Michigan Sanctuary Preserve

Beisher With Brown Bear
Alberta Color Phase Black Bear

Beisher Arizona Elk
Arizona Elk

Beisher Texas Javelina
Texas Javelina

Beisher Alaska Dahl Sheep
Alaska Dahl Sheep

Beisher British Columbia Stone Sheep
British Columbia Stone Sheep

Beisher With Stag
Argentina Stag


Chris Elk
Wyoming Elk

Mule Deer
Montana Mule Deer

Chris With Argentina Stag
Argentina Stag

Velvet Archery Whitetail

Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion

Alberta Bear


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